@JPeessureMusic “I Don’t Care”


Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, rapper, producer, Jimmy “J Pressure” Bobbitt, started at ripe age of 15. J Pressure spent part of his junior high school days discovering and developing his rap talent by competing with friends in the school halls and on the neighborhood rooftops. While rapping in junior high, he realized this was his calling and his passion. It was that passion and talent that landed him role in the movie “Finding Forrester” starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown directed by Gus Van Sant. As opening credits roll we can see and hear him reciting his self-written rap lyrics.

Now a mature artist, he is busy writing and perfecting rhymes and illuminating the gritty persona,” J Pressure” that fans know and love today. His videos and performances awaken and revive New York’s loyal rap fans. The premiere video “Forever Mackin”, off the 2013 Mixtape release called “Legendary P”, has gained international hip hop appeal.

J Pressure, launched his mixtape “Legendary P” on November 12th, 2013. The lyrically accomplished J Pressure has emerged from his studio recording sessions with a trailblazing and undeniably progressive mixtape with beats that make listeners want to put it on repeat.
“Legendary P” is the 3rd mixtape following the successful “Follow Me Vol. #1” and “Who got the Juice”. This mixtape an 18-track release is a culmination of hard work and focused energy and it introduces listeners to the harsh realities of J Pressures recent life events. Great lyrics often come from great trials and triumphs.

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